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Close to one-in-five Tasmanians need food

Close to one-in-five Tasmanians need food

A shocking new UTAS survey taken in April-May shows almost one-in-five Tasmanians need emergency food relief. 

While the number is down on the record 26% of Tasmanians who needed help at the height of the pandemic, the latest figure of 18% is three times the number who were food insecure in 2019. 

UTAS surveyed over 1100 people in compiling its Food Security Report: Is High Food Insecurity the New Normal in Tasmania? It seems it is! 

The survey showed 35% of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders are food insecure, and 11% of all those who are food insecure face extreme shortages. 

Only 5% of those struggling to get enough food accessed emergency food relief providers. 

The most food insecure demographic are those in the 18-24 age group. Need decreases as age increases, with fewer Tasmanians 65+ requiring help. 

Respondents under financial stress resorted to eating less, and eating less nutritious food. 

Meet some of the individuals and agencies who reply on Loaves and Fishes Tasmania for food. Devonport Chaplaincy oversees more than a dozen school breakfast programs in the State's North West, while Loaves and Fishes supplies breakfast supplies to more than 50 schools statewide.

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