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A New Page for the Kellys

A New Page for the Kellys

Dianne and Gordon Kelly, owners of A New Page Christian Bookshop, impacting Devonport through their ministry of love.

By Kelsey Ikin

A New Page Christian Bookshop owners, Dianne and Gordon “Gordi” Kelly, are presented with divine encounters every day. 

It’s what Dianne prayed for when she left her job seven years ago and took over the shop.

Tucked into Devonports CBD in Edward Street, A New Page is a community hub for those of faith, and those still searching.

A New Page sells Christian books, bibles, music and giftware. It represents the wider church in the CBD; a place where you can get Christian books, music and giftware, but also find a church, get prayer, a listening ear, a hug, find a church or the address of a local service. 

Dianne and Gordon pastor Hope Church Devonport, and are committed to serving the region as members of the Devonport Church Leaders Association (DCLA). They promote the Kingdom of God, not a particular church or denomination. Dianne is also involved in Devonport Chaplaincy in an administrative role.

“I think we (the shop) are a light in the midst of the darkness,’’ Dianne said.

“We have the regulars in for example, the delivery drivers who just go, ‘What is it about this place?’ who come in now for prayer. They don't know Jesus, but they see a difference in us and are on a journey toward Him.

“Those same people go to other shops and say, ‘You’re looking a bit sad. You need to go into that shop. they'll pray for you there. I love that.’ ”

Dianne and Gordon love the opportunities they have to chat to people through their work at the bookshop.

“I never knew the enormity of what those chats would turn to, that we would see opportunities to share Jesus,” Dianne said.

“To have people accept Jesus, to see the miraculous happen, to see people healed of sickness, or being delivered of strongholds.

“I had no idea how big this was going to be, and such a privilege.”

Becoming A New Page

Gordon and Dianne started their journey with the bookshop in 2014 when Dianne heard news of the previous owners retiring.

“I jokingly said to Gordi, ‘I could do that,’ ” she said.

“But as soon as I spoke those words, it was like something activated in me and I could not get it out of my head.

“It was like God pushed me into it. It wasn't something I necessarily pursued.

“One night, I woke up with this list of names to change the shop name from Cornerstone to whatever.”

Dianne said when she told Gordi about the list the following morning, she told him the shop “they were not going to run,” would be called A New Page.

That night, Dianne shared her list of potential names with a friend, and they pointed out, ‘A New Page.’

The same week, Dianne and Gordon went to a Pentecostal conference and came across two men, Howie and Kevin, who prayed for Dianne.

Kevin started prophesying over Dianne as he prayed.

“I see a new diary for you, I see a new page.”

“I opened my eyes and said, ‘What?’ I’m just there with my mouth open going,  ‘What did you say?’

“He said, ‘I see a new page.’

“And then that's when Howie comes into the picture, and he starts binding and booting out fear and religion in me.’’

A new shop

Wednesday, Dianne was given the list.

Thursday night, a friend confirmed A New Page.

Saturday, Dianne and Gordon went to the Conference.

Monday, Dianne resigned from her job at Devonport Christian School  and was handed the shop keys. One huge renovation and three months later,  A New Page bookshop opened September 2, 2014.  

Dianne said the whole renovation was God-driven.

“God gave me a picture of the physical building, rearranging, knocking out walls,  moving the office from there to there and the whole layout of everything. He was just in it.” Dianne said.

Dianne and Gordon were able to do a $50,000 renovation for $5000, with the support of friends, family and many others throughout the community.

“People just came, for example, those who offered to do wiring. They donated the whole shop full of lights, that's thousands and thousands of dollars.

“We have people painting and saying ‘I will pay for plaster’ or someone else saying  ‘Do you need shelving? We can donate some shelves,’ ” Dianne said.

The Kellys have been running A New Page Bookshop for seven years, today. 


“We are completely overwhelmed by our amazing regular helpers, who have not only caught the vision of the shop, but generously give of their time week after week, year after year.  We could not do any of what we do without them – all uniquely gifted, and indeed, an incredible blessing from God! ” Said Dianne. 

“Our heart is always to have time whenever someone walks in these doors. Nothing else is more important than that one right in front of us.

“Whatever that entails, whether they need a listening ear or a hug, or whatever it is.

“It might be that they just want to buy a book and that's okay, too.”

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