A Statement from the Devonport Christian Leaders - 2nd July 2020


The Christian Leaders in Devonport are committed to making God’s heart for humanity real by serving together.

“Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you.” Matthew 5:48b (The Message)

The Devonport Churches are committed to sharing the message of the love of Jesus. We believe that Jesus is a God of love, a God of healing, a God of freedom, release, and restoration. There are many testimonies across our Devonport Churches of lives being radically transformed.

The Devonport Churches believe that God heals through many forms, sometimes directly, and sometimes through the support and intervention of health professionals. As the Devonport Churches, we do not recommend that any person should cease prescribed medication or advise others to cease prescribed medication or withdraw from professional support or counselling, without first seeking the advice of their doctor and/or health professional.

The Devonport Churches stand united in the mission of Jesus - to share the gospel message to all people, seeing them healed and set free. The method is based on guidelines outlined in the Bible, through relationship, and primarily through a heart of love and compassion. We will continue to offer that love and compassion, regardless of people’s response.

We encourage all believers of Christ to join us in this mission. The Devonport Christian Leaders have agreed on this Statement together. The Devonport Churches are represented as follows:


Together, the Devonport Christian Leaders have confirmed the above statement.


The Devonport Churches are represented as follows:


C3 Church Devonport

Catholic Church, Our Lady of Lourdes, Devonport

Devonport Anglican Church

Devonport Church of Christ

Devonport Presbyterian

Dreambuilders Church

Gateway Church

Hope Christian Church

Lifeway Church - Devonport Baptist

Oldaker Christian Church

Pathway to Life

The Salvos


For inquiries or questions, please email contact@devonportchurches.org.au